Profiles of some of our members:


Lucy and Lili met in high school, dated, married and immigrated to Burnaby from Wuhan, China. They had been enjoying travelling, movies and trying out new restaurants and different food, until their boy Ryder was born in the summer of 2013. He now attends the local Gilmore Community School. Although they know that there will be lots of challenges ahead as new Canadians and new parents, they are positive that Ryder will grow fast and good days will come back again soon. They are very grateful that Ryder led their way and helped find this great place that has become their happy and joyful home.

Odete and Michael like to spend as much time as possible on bicycles, kayaks, trails, and sailboats. One of the many reasons that they love being a part of Cranberry Commons is their appreciation for growing, preparing, and sharing good food with good people. Odete and Michael moved in early in 2016, and immediately felt at home. They feel deeply grateful for the hard work and vision that the members have put into creating this special place.



A member since 2001, K. loves to roam the wilderness, blog at Indoor Mood, get lost in conversation, and explore the city. E.'s day job is designing the buildings of Vancouver's future - in his free time he loves to roast hunks of meat and catch 80s band concerts. W. attends the local Alpha Secondary and he is a fan of sushi, basketball, and gaming. A student at the local Gilmore Community School, U. loves art, gymnastics, and spending time with neighbours of all ages.

Terri grew up on Vancouver Island and moved to Burnaby to go to SFU. She enjoys working at a company that values the environment and the people who work there, distributing organic bulk food and groceries to western Canadian retailers. Terri is quite involved in the community - she has volunteered for the Sun Run In-Training clinics for 15 years, the Giro di Burnaby since it began, including organizing the first public beer garden at a BC Superweek event, the David Suzuki Foundation, and the 2010 Olympics. Robert grew up in Germany, enjoying small villages by foot and bike in close knit neighborhoods and moved to Canada 15 years ago, he has raised 3 children while living in Germany, the US and Canada. Robert is an engineer by trade and works for a large software company, mostly from home. Both of us like biking, hiking, snowshoeing, cooking, baking, local craft beer, farmers markets, running and good conversation with coffee and treats after each run.



Patrick is a high school math teacher in downtown Vancouver. He commutes by bicycle almost every day rain or shine. He enjoys potlucks, the book club, the local pool and heading to Gibsons on weekends to mountain bike, chop wood and hang with the family. Zan and little Simone spend most of their time at their cabin on the Sunshine Coast. They enjoy walking in the forest, finding cool rocks at the beaches and cooking. Zan has owned a weight loss clinic in the Burnaby Heights since 2011 and enjoys being part of the Burnaby Heights Merchants Association. She is also a podcaster at Mibo musings and offers people a chance to explore the non-food aspect of weight loss.

Brad and Ronaye choose to live in cohousing because of their desire to live in a more environmentally and socially sustainable community. They met at Haven By-the-Sea on Gabriola Island in 1994 while participating in an experiential group process workshop called "Come Alive". They subsequently spent the next year together at Haven doing full time in-residence training.

Brad sold his property on the Queen Charlotte Islands and shut down his forestry consulting business of 18 years in order to pursue a career as a personal development consultant and workshop facilitator. For more information about the services Brad offers, visit . His other interests include cooking, writing, community, travel, and the raising of consciousness in our society.

In 1996, Ronaye began working as a cohousing development consultant and now works full time as a consultant with groups in BC and other parts of Canada. For more information about Ronaye's consulting work visit: Her interests include: philosophy, psychology, spirituality, the environment, travel, and creating healthy human communities.


Anne and Ian are the parents of Theresa (July '96) and Alexander (Sept '98). We were attracted to cohousing while reading an article on Windsong's opening in Langley, but we were loath to leave our urban lifestyle. Luckily, when it came time to buy a home of our own, Cranberry Commons was forming in our very own neighbourhood and we were overjoyed to be involved from the very beginning of planning. We have lived in the Burnaby Heights area since university (Simon Fraser) and we wouldn't want to live anywhere else. Ian works in computer sales and helps out with the community's shared internet access. His biggest hobby is anything automotive, and he can often be found looking after his own or his neighbours' vehicles. Anne is a baker and foodie, and enjoys contributing to community meals. She also runs a Community Supported MicroBakery from home, which is something that many at Cranberry Commons take advantage of. Theresa is now in her first year of University in Victoria, while Alex enjoys the spontaneous “Magic the Gathering” games that usually take place after Monday potlucks. {nostalgia photo}

Jacky and Vivi have been together for 10 years as a couple. They both were teachers in Ecuador, their home country. Vivi taught at an elementary school and Jacky worked both as a principal and as a high-school teacher. They moved to Canada in 2014 to pursue Jacky’s PhD in Education at Simon Fraser University. They are very happy to make Cranberry Commons their first home in Canada.



We are Tim and Ruth. We joined Cranberry Commons in 1997 during the development phase, and have lived here since completion of the project in 2001. Our kids Shaun and Thea were 7 and 4 when we moved in, and are now young adults, out in the world! One of the greatest things about living here has been the opportunity to raise our kids in community, and to experience the truth in the expression “it takes a village to raise a child”. As Quakers, we seek to live in a world in which all people can coexist in peace with each other and with the earth.

Ruth's background includes a 3 year degree in ceramics and a B.A. in Fine and Performing Arts from Simon Fraser University. She currently works part time with Tim on their business, and spends much of the rest of her time singing and playing guitar, doing yoga and contributing to the life of her various communities. Tim is a self-employed professional audio electronics engineer whose interests include playing piano, studio recording, meditation and reading.

Sunita is a retired Dance Therapist. She immigrated from France to Quebec when she was 26 years old, then she gradually made her way to the West Coast (with some years in Ottawa and Oregon). Sunita likes to garden, sing, knit and cook, particularly special vegetarian dishes. She also loves exploring places by bicycle. She enjoys participating in community life through social activities, especially the common meals.

She is very interested in reducing her footprint on the planet and helping others to do so. Meditation and developing inner peace are also part of her daily life; she believes that we can bring more peace to this earth by bringing more peace to our personal and community world. She has a camper van and loves travelling and camping when the weather is not too cold.


  Barbara was born and grew up in Vancouver. After doing a B.A. at University of British Columbia, she went east, married, raised a family, divorced, and had a career in public libraries before returning to live in Vancouver. She plays the piano, and wants to encourage lots of music-making and other forms of participatory entertainment at Cranberry Commons.

June is a long time resident of Burnaby, and is originally from Winnipeg, Man. She is a retired Teaching Assistant for the Burnaby School Board. She has two children (Allan & Sheila), four grandchildren (David, Lee-Ann, Steven & Bria) and five great grandsons. June enjoys long walks, travel, reading and genealogy. She really likes the community living, the diversity and the pot lucks and common meals.



Allan Davison lived in Cape Town South Africa until he was 24, then 5 years in the US, before making SFU his work and Burnaby his home (3 years spell in Prince George at UNBC). Music and sunshine lift his spirits. His hobbies are hiking, squash, cycling, and singing in harmony. Living communally has been a lifelong ambition, fulfilled at Cranberry Commons a year ago. Cindy, his carbon-based spousal unit, also committed to co-housing (but on Bowen Island - sigh), is at Cranberry Commons part time. His bucket list has 3 items. First to do at least one tiny thing to diminish global poverty and hunger. Second, he is convinced that he is unravelling the mystery of space-time and that the solution is simpler than anyone has yet imagined. Third, he seeks to help build community through cohousing; book, outdoor, & movie clubs, and two meetup websites. His sense of humour is decidedly dry and sometimes over the top. He adores his three carbon-based offspring units, one retired absurdly young, the 2nd in mid-career, and the third just starting at the National Center for Global Health and Medicine in Tokyo. Each more wonderful than the other, they are more than he ever deserved or expected. A bibliovore, he reads and googles indiscriminately. He is intensely neurotic, a shy extrovert and cheerful pessimist, with a gift for making simple things complicated.

Dave and Janet have been members of Cranberry Commons since 2000.

Dave is currently involved in maintenance, meeting facilitation, and agenda coordinating. In the past, he has participated in four different housing co-ops and two food co-ops. He has been retired since 2010, but still does volunteer work with low income seniors at the 411 Seniors Centre in Vancouver. He has served as maintenance coordinator at Cranberry Commons and is very much involved in the maintenance team. Dave manages the heating system at Cranberry Commons and he coordinates the monthly work bee.

Janet is partially retired, and still does some work in her field of legal information librarianship. She is currently studying Nia dance and is keen to introduce others to this wonderful practice.

Dave and Janet belong to an international website of house and pet sitters and enjoy combining travel with pet care.



Sean and Barbara. We both grew-up (or pretend we did) in small prairie communities where children flowed from one house to another being fed wherever they were come lunchtime, where neighbours came over to enjoy a barbeque or help build a treehouse, where our friends' parents were as likely to teach us how to play soccer as our own were. After spending our twenties pursuing formal educations and wandering the globe (sometimes simultaneously), now we are both gainfully employed - Sean pursues his vocation of making the fuzzy concept of "sustainability" actually touch ground for City of Vancouver while Barbara helps rehabilitate those that have lost their full ability to communicate with the people and world around them.

When we decided to start a family, we knew we wanted to live somewhere that had a similar sense of community as our childhood homes. Now we have two young boys, Brehnan and Saeth, and while their physical environment lacks the barns, ponds, and dirt piles that Barbara and I enjoyed, we all live a little richer by having such great and diverse neighbours.

Tara & Aidan