Living at Cranberry Commons means knowing your neighbours and having the opportunity to socialize and work co-operatively with them. Here are some of the regular activities that folks can participate in:

common meals where a few people cook for everyone and we share a meal in the common house;

potluck dinners;
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gathering to sing and play musical instruments;

morning coffee on the weekends;

• "movie nights" in the common house;

• a book club; and

• celebrating birthdays, holidays, and special events.

In addition to planned activities, we often socialize casually and spontaneously. The children usually take advantage of having available playmates and engage in lively fun in the outdoor common areas.

We also work together to manage the physical, financial, legal, and social aspects of our community. We meet regularly and make decisions by consensus. Groups of people will often get together to accomplish projects such as assembling a playhouse, gardening, painting, etc.

On an individual basis, community members often arrange to borrow or share equipment such as cars, canoes, barbeques, and tools. Some families exchange child care. Living in close proximity makes it easier to make arrangements that make our lives easier.

Some people in the community are close friends, while others are simply friendly neighbours. While we enjoy living in close proximity, we also respect our neighbours' privacy and busy lives. In addition to life at Cranberry Commons, many of us have vibrant careers and enjoy urban culture and nearby outdoor get-aways.